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Conversion Services... connecting the dots

On typical projects data conversion will account for 65% - 80% of the total project cost. For this reason, it is imperative that data conversion be managed in a systematic, efficient manner. Quality management is central to the success of a data conversion project. Many projects involve field verification, GPS, multiple source documents, landbase acquisition and as well as other challenges. Mid-State has significant experience to manage complex GIS data conversion projects. A conversion control process will be defined as part of the project to ensure standards for 1) landbase, 2) symbology, 3) attributes, 4) data mapping, 5) scrub, 6) held order management, 7) data discrepancies, 8) a baseline for quality assurance (QA).

The Mid-States Consultants conversion team has a proven track record in GIS data conversion specific to communications. The individuals who are tasked to interpret the source data have significant experience in communication networks, i.e. they understand the business. To facilitate the data conversion process it is imperative that the conversion team be competent in their understanding of pair/strand counts, cable configurations, technology, equipment and customer information. Data conversion not only involves people, maps and records, but also innovative ideas. Our conversion processes has been recognized by GITA for pioneering new, cost-effective data build concepts applied in real projects. We welcome the opportunity to discuss our data conversion capabilities and your data conversion needs.

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